Design & Construct

As experienced providers of air conditioning and mechanical services installations, we are uniquely positioned to understand the cost implications of various air conditioning options. Our engineers can work directly with the client or client’s representative to design a cost efficient air conditioning system. Our engineers can provide assistance in identifying cost saving solutions within already designed or conceptually designed systems.



Ivanac Mechanical provides the following mechanical installation services:

  • Air Conditioning Systems
  • Water or Air Cooled Chillers
  • DX Central Plant and stand-alone systems
  • Packaged Air Cooled
  • Water Cooled
  • Two & Three Pipe Commercial VRV Systems
  • Two & Three Pipe Commercial Gas Driven VRF Systems
  • Control Systems
  • Building Management Systems
  • Electronic Controls
  • Analogue Controls
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Carpark Supply and Exhaust
  • Kitchen Hood Exhaust
  • Toilet Exhaust
  • HEPA Filters

Plant Upgrades

At Ivanac Mechanical, we can undertake the replacement of individual plants, whether a single meeting room, or a large chiller replacement. Our team of plumbers, refrigeration mechanics and associated trades are available to meet your plant upgrade requirements. In addition we can provide dilapidation reports or equipment assessments to assist in budget planning.


Ventilation & Exhaust Systems

At Ivanac Mechanical Services we have extensive experience in providing ventilation and exhaust solutions. Whether this be a car park system designed to maintain acceptable levels of Carbon Monoxide, or ventilation solutions for large warehouse environments, our engineers and trades staff have the ability to meet your ventilation requirements.


Energy Management

With ever increasing energy costs, it is important to ensure your air conditioning plant and equipment is operating as efficiently as possible. Understanding the rising cost of providing environmental control within your workspace, public venue or specialist equipment centre is an area in which we can provide assistance.


Computer Environment Control

We understand the importance of computer rooms and data storage areas to companies and organisations. Our engineers work with the major suppliers of environmental control equipment and can provide a custom design, which provides both a cost effective solution, and a robust redundant system. This ensures the continuous operation of your computer room 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Building Automation

At Ivanac Mechanical Services we are aware of the ever increasing cost of operating air conditioning systems and providing mechanical services to your building. Using electronic or computer based systems can considerably reduce the running cost of your building. We have worked with a number of companies to deliver various levels of building automation, from installating 365 day time clocks allowing the building to shut down during holiday periods, to full building automation systems integrated into all building services.


Building Pressure Test Services

With the ongoing focus on energy efficiency in construction, building pressure testing has become an important tool for verifying air barriers and detecting the presence of leakage in building elements. Improved sealing of a building has a direct effect on its energy usage and is proven to provide significant cost savings along with improved overall building comfort. Our team can provide an effective solution to meet your testing requirements utilising the latest equipment technology and providing detailed test data.


Servicing & Maintenance

Ivanac Mechanical believes mechanical services are a major investment for any commercial property. It is of great importance that commercial properties are appropriately cared for to ensure long term efficient operation. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a highly responsive and professional service. Our customers are extremely important to us and we understand how crucial the need for comfortable air conditioning is to you. We are dedicated to ensuring your total satisfaction by providing you with the complete solution.


Routine Maintenance

For planned and preventive maintenance programs we provide a comprehensive and customised service, undertaken by our trained technicians, to ensure your organisation remains compliant with all government legislation.

  • Preventive maintenance program
  • Provision of fully comprehensive and labour comprehensive maintenance service options
  • Preparation of equipment condition reports
  • Refurbishment work
  • Budgeting and cost planning
  • Energy audits
  • Essential Services Certification and rectification
  • Feasibility studies
  • Design, survey and/or dilapidation audits on existing installations
  • BCA Compliance reporting
  • Preparation of equipment replacement business cases